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At Lynn Demaray Photography I always try and help my clients with their clothing choices, that is part of my boutique experience!  Here I will use our family photos as an example on what you can do to look great in your family photos this year!

Look around your house.  Your wall colors, your furniture, they tell a little bit about you.  We have off white walls, neutral furniture and we like vintage stuff.  All those things went into play when I picked our clothing for our family images.

Find one thing you can base it all off of.  My daughter just recently got this dress, kind of vintage looking.  I loved it and knew I wanted it in the images, so I started with that.  I also knew I wanted late evening photos with the sun setting so I wanted to keep it earthy and bright colored clothing.

Next up was me…sometimes I can have a hard time finding stuff so I set off to the mall with our daughter’s dress in hand and found all my clothing choices on sale and in the first store.  I went with pink, like in the skirt part of the dress, and khaki like in the top of her dress.  Same color tones as her dress but not perfect matching.    Also found her a little headband.

Then off to find the little man something…I knew he was going to wear his khaki pants, but finding a shirt was a little bit tougher.  Come to find out, tans are not a popular thing with the toddler boys right now.  Then I found this one and the white to go underneath it.  Again, it isn’t a perfect match but same color tones.

Then on to Daddy.  I knew he could wear jeans, brings out the blue in our daughter’s dress as well as in little man’s shirt so he better go with a khaki color shirt and he had that in his closet!


And then last but not least, don’t forget the accessaries.  I added a necklace to mine and our daughter’s as well as earrings!

Here is our finished family image.

Ankeny Iowa Photographer

Ankeny Iowa Photographer

It isn’t hard if you base it all off of one thing.  Either pick what you want to wear or something that you know you want someone else to wear, then it is just a matter of taking it along to the store and holding it up against the other stuff and finding what looks the best.   Keep it the same color tones then you don’t all have to match perfectly.  It is almost time to start thinking about your holiday photos and Christmas cards.  FYI – I am booking into October already so if you want to secure a date with me please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a great weekend and happy shopping!!

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